Summer Solstice Trainer Forum Workshops

Snatam Kaur – The Power of Call and Response
Learn the power of call and response to give confidence to your students in the practice of Japji, with a focus on the 26th Pauree.

Jagat Guru Singh, Executive Principle of Miri Piri Academy – How to Teach Teenagers in Teacher Training
How to inspire students through your own experience and get them engaged in Kundalini Yoga. (Watch more about Teaching Teenagers here)

Gurucharan Singh – Mentoring Skills

Jap Singh (Mexico) – Improving your Kundalini Yoga Practice: Postures & Pranayamas (taught in Spanish)
How to avoid injuries to joints, muscles, and ligaments through systematic physical training and develop awareness of the muscles involved in pranayama exercises.

Sat Dharam Kaur – Compassionate Inquiry – Communication Competency

Amrit Singh – Global Decision Making
Have your voice heard! This portion of the Forum is to explore in small groups by topic, important decisions facing teacher training.

Nirvair Singh & Shabd Simran Kaur – Bring the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings® into your daily life as a Yogi
Learn about the new features of the Library and tips for incorporating this resource in to your daily practice!

Nirvair Singh & Krishna Kaur – Legacy of Kundalini Yoga

…More to come!


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