Level Two Administrative Docs

For Assistance:
email: contractmanager@kriteachings.org
call: 505-629-4694 fax 505-753-5982

Contract Administration Process – Easy to Follow Checklist

→ US & Canada Contract Administration Checklist
→ International (All Countries except US & Canada) Administration Checklist

Each of the below sections pertain to the different phases of a Level 2 contract.

Contract Packet:

→ Transformation Overview
→ Registration and Release Form
→ Lead and Admin Letter
→ Program Guidelines
→ Product Shipment Form
→ Aquarian Teacher Programs Store – Online Trainer Resources Store (US and Canada programs only)

Promotional Materials

→ Promotion Guidelines for Level 2 (simplified May 2018)
→ Yogi Bhajan Photos for all KRI Programs – PR (added May 2018)
→ Mala Photo
→ ZIP Version
→ Level Two Seal
→ KRI Logo

Financial Packet:

→ Royalty Payment Form
→ Credit Card Payment Form

Support Materials for Home Study Group:

for use after the classroom segment is completed

→ READ FIRST Letter to Lead Trainer
→ A L2 letter to Participants
→ B L2 letter to Group Leaders
→ C Certification Requirements
→ D Guide for Group Leaders

Certification Packet:

→ Certification Requirements
→ Practitioner Certification Form
→ Student Contact List

The Letter of Completion is delivered in an electronic PDF format by the Lead Trainer or the administrator to each qualifying student once they have completed the requirements for that module. The Letter of Completion is located in the Level 2 Manuals and Exams area and requires a password to access.

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