Level One Administrative Docs

For Assistance:
email: contractmanager@kriteachings.org

NEW! Contract Administration Video Tutorials
How to submit contract
How to Enter Student Data – Level One
How to Request Certificates – Level One
How to fill Royalty Form
How to Upload a Royalty Form

Contract Administration Resource

Video Supplement to the Aquarian Teacher Yoga Manual – Guru Prem Singh teaching postures

Contract Administration Process – Easy to Follow Checklist

Level One Contract Administration Checklist

Level 1 Program Formats Policy

 NEW Level 1 Program Formats Policy
→ Level One Formats Policy Addendum
→ Application for L1 Program Format

Each of the below sections pertain to the different phases of a Level 1 contract.

Contract Packet (click to open):

Due at least 4 months prior to the start date of your program. The earlier the better!

Forms Included:

→ Level 1 US & Canada 10% Contract
→ Level 1 Policies and Procedures Manual
→ Promotion Guidelines
→ Registration & Release Form
→ Aquarian Teacher Photo
→ KRI Logo
→ Curriculum Schedule Outline
→ Outline & Homework
→ Manual Order Form
→ Lead Trainer – Course Administrator Agreement
→ Outreach Lead Trainer – Organizer Guidelines

Aquarian Teacher Programs Store

Online Trainer Resources Store (US and Canada programs only)

Aquarian Teacher Distributors outside of the US & Canada

Financial Packet (click to open):

Due 2 months after the commencement of your Level 1 program.

Forms Included:

→ Royalty Payment Form
→ Student Contact Form

Certification Packet (click to open): Due 6 weeks after the last day of your program.

Forms Included:

→ Certificate Name Form
→ Student Certification Requirements Form
→ Code of Professional Standards
→ Teacher Trainer’s Assessment Form (Practicum Evaluation)
→ 20 KY Class / WTY Card
→ Exam
→ Confidential Evaluation Form
→ Not Certifying Form

Now available in:

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